A Slice of Naples In Nottingham...

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Eggs, Coffee, Sponge fingers and Mascarpone cheese


Fior di latte, Smoky pancetta, Parmesan, Olive oil and Basil


Tomato sauce, Fior di latte, Ricotta cheese, Salame, Parmesan, Olive oil and Basil


Tomato sauce, Garlic, Olive oil and Oregano


Fior di latte, Ham, Mushrooms, Parmesan, Olive oil and Basil


Sponge cake, rum syrup.


Fior di latte, Italian sausage, Diced Potatoaes, Smoked mozzarella, Parmesan, Olive oil and Basil


Tomato sauce, Garlic, Oregano, Capers, Anchovies, Olive oil and Basil


Opening Times


Our friendly team will welcome you to the authentic Neapolitan Pizzeria in Nottingham




12:00 - 21:00


12:00 - 21:00


12:00 - 21:00


12:00 - 22:00


12:00 - 22:00


12:00 - 20:30
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Mandy JuskiwMandy Juskiw
05:11 23 Apr 24
Had a lovely Lunch. Not to expensive. Food Amazing.
James GommJames Gomm
09:44 22 Apr 24
Fantastic restaurant offering exceptional Neapolitan pizzas, which we've been to a couple of times now whilst visiting Nottingham.The pizzas use simple but good quality ingredients, and are very tasty. If you like pizza, then do yourself a favour and go here.I'd recommend booking as its been very busy when we've been. Booking is very simple through their website.
Abdulkader AlaeddinAbdulkader Alaeddin
22:38 21 Apr 24
Pizza was delicious with great service and authentic Italian flavor. Would definitely come again
Elsa BartleyElsa Bartley
15:00 19 Apr 24
Lovely food matched with great service. Highly recommended.
Paulina PalkaPaulina Palka
19:10 18 Apr 24
Best pizza I’ve ever had ????
Gareth SGareth S
16:14 17 Apr 24
Jessica NavarroJessica Navarro
19:02 15 Apr 24
16:04 13 Apr 24
If you want a real pizza this is your place! Good price good service its like being in italy. Definitely recommend.
Aadam ShaikhAadam Shaikh
06:45 11 Apr 24
Dave WDave W
21:33 07 Apr 24
One of, if not the, best pizza place I've ever eaten
Thomas FaircloughThomas Fairclough
21:15 07 Apr 24
Fantastic little place, best pizza you will find in the city, no frills just good food and beer
Piotr OlszowiakPiotr Olszowiak
16:34 06 Apr 24
Olivia CoxOlivia Cox
01:30 05 Apr 24
Pizzamisu is hands down THE best pizza place in Nottingham!I have visited many times and have introduced friends to this gem along the way. The courtyard in the summer is the perfect place to enjoy a bottle of wine and a pizza and pretend you’re somewhere a little more Mediterranean than Notts!Super authentic feel with lovely staff - feels like you step into a little piece of Naples.Will be sure to be back again soon!
Amy MilwainAmy Milwain
19:52 03 Apr 24
Andrew McIlmoyleAndrew McIlmoyle
21:12 02 Apr 24
Great pizza as usual
06:56 02 Apr 24
James HawkeJames Hawke
06:34 30 Mar 24
riccardo fixitriccardo fixit
17:26 29 Mar 24
Abhi PatelAbhi Patel
05:50 28 Mar 24
My only goto place for pizza in Nottingham.
20:02 27 Mar 24
Absolutely gorgeous pizza. Cannot fault it and if I lived round here it would be my regular. The place is wonderfully decorated and really feels like you're sat in a little restaurant in Italy, the food was fresh and flavoursome even the herbs on the pizza were clearly super fresh and you could really taste them. Sadly we didn't have time for dessert but we will definitely be back when we come back to Nottingham. Best pizza I've ever had in the UK clearly made with genuine passion and love. And incredibly cheap for the quality; my partners pizza was less than a tenner!
Stefania EzelibeStefania Ezelibe
13:38 26 Mar 24
Brett ScreenBrett Screen
23:36 24 Mar 24
Good place, felt very authentic, nice pizza
What a wonderful and refreshingly well run restaurant. They know what they are doing at pizzamisu with great service, the best pizzas ever and the perfect bustling and rustic venue. We were well looked after by Ali and all the waiting staff. And the lovely lady (manager maybe) at reception went out of her way to get us a table away from a draft last night. Thanks team, May you feed us for years to come.
Christopher WoodheadChristopher Woodhead
07:56 24 Mar 24
Went here with my girlfriend for a meal and amazed how good the food was. I would even go as far as saying that that was the best pizza I have ever had! Will definitely go back again.
Sarah HillSarah Hill
20:15 23 Mar 24
When it's not busy the pizzas are great but I've been a couple of times when it's been very busy and the quality of the pizza isn't as good, and it feels like they want you in and out as quickly as possible. Still one of the best pizza places around but pick your time to visit.
Allison EldridgeAllison Eldridge
22:24 22 Mar 24
The best pizza I have ever tasted. It was light but so flavoursome. I have been to Rome and Venice so thought I'd had amazing pizza but this was another level. The service was as good as the pizza. Can't wait to come back.
James RussellJames Russell
22:07 22 Mar 24
I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality of this Pizza. We arrived very late but there were no complaints in just squeezing our service in. But that base was so good, so tasty, they clearly do something different to get them tasting that good. Thank you, I will be back.
Marc JacksonMarc Jackson
20:59 20 Mar 24
I think the venue could have a little touchup, but outside of that everything was excellent. The house wine was really good (crucial for a pizza place) and also ordered the Pizza Of The Month and the standard Tiramisu. I wish we had the bill sooner but I understand that the resturant was very busy. All the food was excellent and the service was on-point! The resturant certainly lived up to the buzz, and will come here again.Personally, I would like if there were smaller portions for the pizza, but the portion size for the Tiramisu was perfect for a dessert anyway.
Kim RichardsonKim Richardson
10:02 18 Mar 24
We went to this restaurant on a Sunday evening following a recommendation for my partner's birthday.The pizzas took quite a while to be cooked and served and mine initially appeared to be fine.Once I'd eaten some of the topping and base, I discovered that the base was mostly burned to a crisp and inedible.As the waitress had already been past to ask "is everything okay", and my guests were already half way through their meals, I felt that it was too late to complain at the table and re-order, as the restaurant also closes at 8:30 on Sunday.When I paid for the meals, and mentioned the burned pizza, I was told that it's MY responsibility to check the food quality before eating it. I find this to be bizarre for a restaurant that prides itself on quality - surely the quality of the cooking is the responsibility of the chef? How am I going to turn a very hot pizza upside down on its - too small - plate to check that it isn't burned black?The waitress herself was very helpful and friendly, but the staff member at the till responded by criticising ME, not her chef.I will NOT be returning to this pizza restaurant and, sadly, I feel that the restaurant will be happy with that, rather than keen to improve their quality and service when it's necessary.EDIT: My apologies, I did forget to mention that there was a £5 discount for my, mostly inedible, pizza. The bill, for two pizzas (one mostly inedible) and two drinks was still £45.43, including a 10% service charge.As I was at pains to say previously, it's not realistically possible to immediately realise that a significant part of the base of a plated pizza is burned black, without flipping it over before you have started to eat it.Every time I eat out, I put my trust in a professional establishment that the food will be properly cooked and checked BEFORE it reaches the table.I would point out that, along with the basic costs of ingredients and cooking, the EXPERIENCE is why people choose to eat out rather than sit at home with a supermarket pizza.In this case, my experience and that of the other people with me was POOR.
Jamal AshrafJamal Ashraf
07:47 17 Mar 24
Roshan DesaiRoshan Desai
21:34 15 Mar 24
Best pizza place in Nottingham, with the same prices as chain places, why would you go elsewhere?! The best place I have been to besides Naples itself, fantastic desserts as well! I love it
Julie HerrodJulie Herrod
14:09 15 Mar 24
Hannah JacobHannah Jacob
23:53 11 Mar 24
Andrew MaxfieldAndrew Maxfield
11:40 07 Mar 24
3 of us dined yesterday 6 th match at 5 pm, staff friendly and the interior beautiful and relaxed all 3 pizzas where amazing. It reminds me of being in Italy ???????? on my travels, very good choice and great fresh ingredients. The pizzas were large so great value for money. Can’t wait to go again. Thanks for a great meal.
Athina SotiriadiAthina Sotiriadi
11:57 06 Mar 24
The pizza was really good and we definitely enjoyed it! The tiramisu was alright. What I did not like was that the place kept getting cold as people were going out to the back and leaving the door open. I was looking at other customers checking the door all the time, because it was cold. The other thing I did not like, was the inclusion of 10% tip in the bill, which I know you are allowed to not pay, but you are kind of forced to pay it because it is awkward to tell the waiter who served you that you want it removed. I prefer to pay the tip in cash, and I want to be the one to decide how much tip I'll give
14:19 05 Mar 24
I’ve been coming here for years and whilst trying the new arrivals to Nottingham such as Pizza Pilgrims, I’ve always come back to Pizzamisu for their authentic Neapolitan food and vibe. The toppings are such good quality and you get plenty of them.I will say sometimes you get a bit of a burnt base/crust which is the reason I’ve marked it down by 1 star. I’m not against some blackened bits as I know it’s the style but sometimes when the entire base is burnt it does leave a bit of a charred taste in your mouth.
Kuba LKuba L
12:13 05 Mar 24
Delicious pizza with the perfect dough! ????
David Fern (DJFern94)David Fern (DJFern94)
09:48 05 Mar 24
Dania Beatriz FregniDania Beatriz Fregni
15:12 04 Mar 24
We booked a table for 2 plus a pram with a note on the booking. (Note = 2 plus a pram/highchair)We got there and we were told by a young man that our table it was upstairs and we were going up, until a woman (seems like the owner) who wasn't happy about it, said that there was a table available for an hour downstairs to sit there and leave our pram next their desk.After exact an hour, we were still finishing our dessert and one of the waiters brought us the bill (which it was over 60 pounds, with this kind of money I also expect a better treatment) and we got rushed out.It was very annoying as we booked the table and it is not our problem if they don't check the bookings and notes from costumers (which they have available on their site for a reason).Pizzas are lovely but how can I enjoy a meal, some drinks and dessert if I can't sit down with calm and eat my food.I couldn't even order a coffee.I hope they improve instead of overbooking without making sure of their costumers experience.
Calum WrightCalum Wright
18:49 02 Mar 24
Daniel McDowellDaniel McDowell
12:43 01 Mar 24
Lunch wallet takeaway margarita is a great deal, lovely pizza for a fiver
Richard MorseRichard Morse
20:13 29 Feb 24
Rich KitcherRich Kitcher
20:15 26 Feb 24
Sebastian KinSebastian Kin
14:07 24 Feb 24
Ewa KompalaEwa Kompala
14:06 24 Feb 24
Lovely place- great Italian pizza, unbelievably delicious! Absolutely wonderful service- very nice, funny and super friendly staff! Really good prices as well! Highly recommend!
Sayed MustafaSayed Mustafa
07:23 24 Feb 24
Very nice place
Scottie BainbridgeScottie Bainbridge
14:57 23 Feb 24
Proper Pizza,In a proper Italian pizza place, Fab food
Irina puieIrina puie
17:04 22 Feb 24
The place feels like you are really in Italy. The pizza is very tasty however sometimes the crust is burnt. All together very nice!
Franklin BaronFranklin Baron
14:30 22 Feb 24
Phoenix GordonPhoenix Gordon
01:59 19 Feb 24
Hiya , just a quick message to thanks for today. I came with my partner it was busy we didn't book still got seated. I accidently ordered my food wrong. They changed it free of charge even though I said Id happily pay for my error would order another and take that one home. . The chef and host were so nice to us as was our server even though they were busy. We didn't realise we had to get up to pay so thats why we sat at that table so long which may havee came across as rude. We were actully trying to do the opposite. Sorry we didn't leave a tip we just didnt have any real money eek x we will come back and tell our friends too, p.s my partner said he was really impressed he's never been anywhere where people have done that and they even if the mistake was there's. ( hes big foodie and eats out alot) So thank you again ????
Graeme WheatleyGraeme Wheatley
18:19 12 Feb 24
Sunday lunchtime visit with my daughter.We had pizza and calzone and both were top notch.The restaurant looks great and loved seeing the huge oven as we walked in.Very popular venue and great authentic pizza!
Tygrys TygrysTygrys Tygrys
09:52 11 Feb 24
Louis PowellLouis Powell
19:00 10 Feb 24
Great authentic pizza, lots of choice and very tasty
Kitty PawsKitty Paws
19:27 06 Feb 24
Mmmmmm Absolutely gorgeous ????
Samuel HickmanSamuel Hickman
08:01 05 Feb 24
Baris AdliBaris Adli
18:09 04 Feb 24
Lee D'ArcyLee D'Arcy
17:43 04 Feb 24
Great food and really nice people.Sadly we ordered deserts and when they arrived, literally within minutes we were told they needed the table.The problem being that it took 15 or so minutes to clear our main course.We ended up having to rush and had to neck a warm coffee. Not the best way to end an enjoyable meal.
Murad AliMurad Ali
14:44 29 Jan 24
I’ve been here a few times before and it has always been decent. However recently I think standards are slipping and it is not what it once was. The pizzas almost seemed not stretched out enough, the middle was way too thick and the crusts size overpowered everything else, even for a Neapolitan pizza.Also we requested extra toppings and spoke with the waiter to confirm the olives were not kalamata. He promised they were black olives and recommended them to us. I even asked him to double check before putting them on. Both pizzas then came with Kalamata olives and when we told the waiter all he said was sorry he won’t recommend them to us again next time then. The bill then came with olives on both pizzas and a service charge. Bad experience and I won’t come here again unless things change. Apparently nowadays a service charge is added even for when they get your order wrong and give you false information.
Bernard CailleBernard Caille
13:26 26 Jan 24
Good trad pizza
Alessia OnnisAlessia Onnis
14:46 25 Jan 24
Philip JacksonPhilip Jackson
20:54 24 Jan 24
We came for dessert only although have had takeout from here too. Excellent tiramisu - some of the best in Europe in my opinion; I’ve got a list! Too short a visit to get the full experience but enjoyed it nonetheless!
David HoltDavid Holt
11:16 22 Jan 24
Perfect pizza with great service! ???? The staff were very welcoming and managed to find us a table even though we didn’t have a booking. The pizza was very tasty, I don’t think it could possibly be any better. The food arrived quickly and the staff were very friendly. This was my second visit, I’ll be back again in the future!
Julia LeichnitzJulia Leichnitz
14:24 21 Jan 24
Emily MackayEmily Mackay
00:23 21 Jan 24
James CassidyJames Cassidy
23:22 20 Jan 24
Incredible, proper Italian oven and staff, very friendly and a buzzing atmosphere - pizza was amazing and worth paying extra compared to Dominos etc, a no brainer for me
16:29 20 Jan 24
Walked in accidentally but it’s perfect
Adele WilliamsAdele Williams
07:35 16 Jan 24
Chloe WiserChloe Wiser
22:32 14 Jan 24
My boyfriend and I went there as a last minute walk-in and we couldn't be more impressed. We have been trying our way through pizza places in Nottingham and it's safe to say we won't be needing to try any others. The pizzas were authentic Italian style and were exceptionally nice and they were very accomodating for my allergy. Our server Sakura was friendly, patient and extremely helpful, as were the rest of the staff. Safe to say we'll be going back again soon!
Robyn GRobyn G
20:01 11 Jan 24
Best Neapolitan pizza I've had in ages. So delicious. Staff were lovely and friendly, and the vibes were really nice inside.
23:37 07 Jan 24
Hands down the best pizza you’ll get in Nottingham and further. The pizza is a genuine taste of Italy and we will be back soon!
Petros StefanidisPetros Stefanidis
19:18 07 Jan 24
Patrick MitchellPatrick Mitchell
03:20 05 Jan 24
Neeta Trivedi/janiNeeta Trivedi/jani
20:19 03 Jan 24
Kumar Motiram CorralKumar Motiram Corral
09:27 03 Jan 24
Abs Foster-BrownAbs Foster-Brown
12:14 02 Jan 24
Steph DavisSteph Davis
09:30 01 Jan 24
Pizzamisu has been on my 'to go' list for years, and it was great! The restaurant is very cute, and all the staff are friendly. The menu is quite large and caters for vegans & gluten free. The pizza was delicious, reasonably priced, and on parr with the pizza I've had in Naples. I'll be back again!
Dan WhiteDan White
20:33 31 Dec 23
Possibly the best pizza I’ve ever had in this country - and I’ve had my fair share!
18:40 29 Dec 23
We had a fabulous lunch at Pizzamisu. Our pizzas were very tasty and they looked perfect. The service was attentive and charming.
Ryan ChamberlainRyan Chamberlain
15:37 29 Dec 23
daniela citodaniela cito
22:30 28 Dec 23
I'm sad to leave this review but I called 20 before closing and asked if could order the £5 pizza which I'd seen offered on a pizza board outside the shop. The lady on the phone told me that was fine and I could come now to collect. My husband came back with pizza that was folded in half given to him in Paper so his hands were burning. Having past the restaurant numerous times I'd seen people leaving with their pizzas in boxes so I was very confused?! My husband said when he went to collect, the man said they didn't do that offer at that time. He said he called ahead and was told by the lady it was ok and wasn't aware it was only at certain times. The man called the lady and she confirmed she had said it was fine to order. The man was reluctant to make it and made a quick pizza with hardly any tomato sauce and cheese on and folded it in half and gave it to him in paper. Because of the lack of sauce it was dry and hard to eat so I couldn't finish it. Clearly he had an issue and the pizza reflected that. I can tell that done properly, it could have been nice but unfortunately that wasn't my experience.
18:16 28 Dec 23
17:24 28 Dec 23
Good service and atmosphere, but not the greatest pizza in my opinion. I ordered a white pizza but ended up with a tomato base instead, and there was so much tomato sauce that it overpowered everything else and made the base soggy (not sure if this is normal?). I didn’t see the point in sending it back as we didn’t have time for it to be remade. The toppings did not taste of very much (bland Italian sausage, watery mushrooms, couldn’t taste the truffle) and I ended up eating the crust and leaving most of the base and toppings. A lovely lady served us, but the pizza was just disappointing and I wouldn’t go back - have made better pizza on our own pizza oven.
Jacopo SemeraroJacopo Semeraro
06:19 26 Dec 23
Rosa HutchessonRosa Hutchesson
23:25 23 Dec 23
İlayda Tasarİlayda Tasar
20:16 21 Dec 23
It was a really nice place. The decorations were great. My friends and I shared a pizzas, variety and the quality of the food was wonderful. It's one of my 'go to' places from now on.
Canice O'ReillyCanice O'Reilly
15:10 19 Dec 23
Great pizzas, super selection of toppings. A small but excellent set of house wines.
Michael TelevisionMichael Television
12:17 18 Dec 23
Great service, good food and nice thriving place. Would go again!
Mumin HaqueMumin Haque
16:09 16 Dec 23
Judith ColmenaJudith Colmena
14:52 16 Dec 23
The best pizza! The pizza frita was so good✨
Swez NaySwez Nay
11:41 15 Dec 23
Dona TellaDona Tella
14:54 13 Dec 23
Real Italian atmospheres! Real Italian pizza. Very good
20:24 12 Dec 23
Joseph FollowsJoseph Follows
10:50 12 Dec 23
Great staff very friendly. Great for small groups or large gathering.
Rafal ZbiciakRafal Zbiciak
22:19 10 Dec 23
Pretty average place, pizza was very wet and soggy in the middle to the point both of our kids didn’t enjoyed it at all. Our pizza was pretty bland. Good selection of Italian beers and friendly service
Alison WatkinsonAlison Watkinson
23:33 09 Dec 23
Annalisa LuccittiAnnalisa Luccitti
21:47 07 Dec 23
16:14 02 Dec 23
Alice DiamondAlice Diamond
00:17 30 Nov 23
Great food at reasonable prices, very nice staff and good service. Would go again
Emily GammonEmily Gammon
08:11 29 Nov 23
Great traditional Italian pizza. Good selection and menu but limited drinks. It's very popular so just be aware you might be waiting for a while and struggle to get a table.
Nina S.Nina S.
16:38 28 Nov 23
I saw people claim this to be the best pizza in notts and I can definitely say it is! The place was extremely popular and therefore quite busy so our reservation was a good choice.I had a glass of house white that paired well with my capricciosa - as delicious as it was I couldn't finish all of it and took the rest home!Would definetly recommend this place to families, couples or anyone seeking for a nice meal.
Emma HEmma H
14:09 27 Nov 23
Ann TomlinAnn Tomlin
13:51 25 Nov 23
Dalton BaltazarDalton Baltazar
22:12 22 Nov 23
Sarthak MoudgillSarthak Moudgill
08:37 17 Nov 23
Caroline HillCaroline Hill
21:55 14 Nov 23
Death RayDeath Ray
09:44 14 Nov 23
The best pizza in Nottingham. Great choice and super quick prep time, they’ve managed to cater for a room full of people for us during our art nights with very little notice. Can’t recommend enough!
Pammy KPammy K
15:59 13 Nov 23
I love this shop. Best authentic Napoli style pizza in Nottingham. I’ve been to Naples which is the birthplace of pizza and had the pizzas and this is the best you’re going to get. Also I love th fact that the chefs that work their are Italian. Be warned it gets busy and the space is tight but that shouldn’t put you off.
Ernesto MarongiuErnesto Marongiu
18:18 11 Nov 23
We been there today at lunch time, table was reserved previously. We were 4 and we had 4 pizzas, dessert, drinks and coffee. We don't even finished the coffee when the lady arrived with the bill to the table without asking for that, then they practically kicked us out because they needed the table. They make us feel very uncomfortable and even if the food is very nice we think never go back there!!
Stuart MeesStuart Mees
00:19 11 Nov 23
Excellent Pizza Napoletana. Has a real 'italian family restaurant' feel to it. Cos it is Italian run! Great merchandise too. Can't wait to go back. Stu.
Borja SalgadoBorja Salgado
21:31 10 Nov 23
Best Neapolitan pizza in Nottingham.
Juliano GuoloJuliano Guolo
13:26 09 Nov 23
Kieran DonnellyKieran Donnelly
16:21 06 Nov 23
Marta SzczesniakMarta Szczesniak
18:47 05 Nov 23
Food was delicious and house white wine to the only issue we had was timing… we came specially from Leicester to spend nice family time together so before we decided to join pizzamisu for nice pizza , we had booking at 5:45 which on the website said we got time till 19:15, we spend 90£ and around 7pm lady came with bill saying she need our table because other people was waiting. Please for the future do more gabs between tables to people enjoy.
Anthonny MicilloAnthonny Micillo
09:42 05 Nov 23
Just a perfect Italian pizza
Shriya PandeShriya Pande
09:56 04 Nov 23
Martin HMartin H
08:36 04 Nov 23
Great food; fast and friendly service.
Chris PedleyChris Pedley
21:46 02 Nov 23
Bland tasteless food. Toppings missing, what was there was clumped together, dough burnt. No flavour or quality to side of "Italian sausage & smoked mozzarella" mushy mess!! Service charge?? Had to ask for glass with drink, expected to drink from can!!
Shahriar ParisouzShahriar Parisouz
15:01 02 Nov 23
Alessio LupinelliAlessio Lupinelli
10:31 02 Nov 23
Always great food and service. This is a real Italian pizzeria
Wasiur KhudaBukhshWasiur KhudaBukhsh
23:55 27 Oct 23
Valerio FiorinValerio Fiorin
19:20 26 Oct 23
good pizza
Claire BellClaire Bell
08:52 24 Oct 23
Shrey SharmaShrey Sharma
14:17 23 Oct 23
Truly authentic experience
Zain AltafZain Altaf
15:28 22 Oct 23
Pretty decent authentic Italian style pizzas. 3 stars because it was worth the price
Karen FowkesKaren Fowkes
07:48 22 Oct 23
Really nice authentic Italian pizza restaurant, small and cosy
Alicia McKayAlicia McKay
19:59 20 Oct 23
Excellent food and very attentive staff, will definitely be going back
Peter DysonPeter Dyson
21:25 19 Oct 23
Lovely restaurant, pizzas are superb and the staff are fantastic
Elspeth MyersElspeth Myers
09:52 18 Oct 23
Unfortunately we had been led to believe that this would be the best pizza in Nottingham. That was not the case. The pizza was drowning in oil and fell apart when we tried to eat it.The service was also abysmal.I'd be tentative to try again.
Niteesh BharadwajNiteesh Bharadwaj
20:45 17 Oct 23
eze lilianeze lilian
16:46 17 Oct 23
Best pizza ever!!!!
Tony CooperTony Cooper
04:43 17 Oct 23
Authentic feeling Italian pizzeria. Including busy staff occasionally barking at each other in Italian. And what that resulted in was tasty pizzas bought out quickly. Big and filling Neapolitan style pizzas. The range isn't as broad as some places and own pizzas get expensive but they are all quality ingredients and I'm tasty sounding combinations straight from the Mediterranean.Going to have to share a pizza next time as the desserts sounded amazing.
Jessica BellJessica Bell
21:59 16 Oct 23
Alexander TitcombAlexander Titcomb
15:25 16 Oct 23
Scandalously delicious pizza, phenomenal crust, and more than enough for a large man. Possibly the best Neapolitan pizza I've eaten outside of Italy.
Monica VerdejoMonica Verdejo
18:27 15 Oct 23
Alessandro CostaAlessandro Costa
12:22 15 Oct 23
Better then in Italy !
Eric AtkinsonEric Atkinson
23:53 14 Oct 23
Excellent pizzas, best in Nottingham
22:35 13 Oct 23
Edit:Owner's reply is weirdly patronising so reducing to 1 star.Review:I tried the deep fried pizza which wasn't amazing, but others had more "normal" pizzas that were nicer. Veggie choices a little bit uninspired.Service was pretty slow and unattentive. We were sat outside and didn't really have anyone coming to check on us, and we waited around 20 mins to give our order. Waitress was just chatting really loudly next to our table while customers were waiting to be served. Don't mind someone having a chat but not for so long...Finally, I docked points for adding 10% tip onto bill by default. "Optional" but still cheeky. Don't do that. This isn't the US. You should encourage tipping by giving good service.
Mayank BasranMayank Basran
18:22 13 Oct 23
Clare WindsorClare Windsor
18:21 13 Oct 23
Limoncello spritz 10/10Pizza No:17 No19 15/10Babamisu 10/10Awesome dining experience, casual and comforting service. Made to feel at home and nothing too much trouble!Visiting Pizzamisu MUST be on your list!
15:58 13 Oct 23
jonny charmanjonny charman
09:28 13 Oct 23
Fab u lous
19:40 10 Oct 23
Had a great time and the pizzas are massive. I wanted to try the desserts but was too full. Excited to go back
Ovy SeniusOvy Senius
17:33 09 Oct 23
Good pizza. Almost napolitane
12:01 05 Oct 23
Fantastic Pizza, lovely staff, managed to squeeze us in without a booking. Will definitely be returning soon!
Yasemin KaraYasemin Kara
20:01 03 Oct 23
Lovely and cosy place. We tried Margherita, delicious Napolitan pizza with sour dough. Loved it. Service is great, really attentive. Pistacchio tiramisu is a delight ! But be careful, the pizza is too big so you might want to consider that it might be big for one person ! Overall , would definitely recommend ☀️
Sam TranSam Tran
09:05 02 Oct 23
The pizza sizes were very generous... maybe a bit too much.But the drinks were too expensive!The margherita pizza was delicious and the atmosphere was like a cute café vibe - would recommend for dates.The waiters were extremely nice and helpful.
mei yao youngmei yao young
20:56 01 Oct 23
17:45 01 Oct 23
The best pizza in Nottingham.????????
Mr MorganMr Morgan
16:42 01 Oct 23
Classic family run pizza restaurant. Owners are from Napoli and know what they are doing ????????
23:15 30 Sep 23
Very Nice , great service , delicious Napoli pizza & A place with a beautiful character.
Simon DuffSimon Duff
09:24 29 Sep 23
Pizzas are beautiful, but also try the bruschetta and the dough balls. Staff are really lovely too.
Pierre-Jean TatinPierre-Jean Tatin
05:40 29 Sep 23
Authentic Neapolitan pizza, large sized, great ingredients!
Pierre-Jean TatinPierre-Jean Tatin
22:24 27 Sep 23
Adam HuckerbyAdam Huckerby
11:47 27 Sep 23
This is authentic pizza and would highly recommend, the crust is something else too and I don't normally love pizza crusts.Only downsides are we've ordered twice for take out and collected, the first time we visited they'd forgot my burrata, not a big deal as we walked back and they sorted me out. But one other thing we noticed was the pizza always seems cold when we get it for take out - not an issue at all because it still tastes lovely, just feel they would benefit from storing them under a heat light or something for collection.I am told dine in is amazing so maybe we'll try that next
Chris GreenhoughChris Greenhough
21:52 24 Sep 23
Amazing ????
Roberto Gil-SauraRoberto Gil-Saura
15:51 24 Sep 23
Good pizza, formidable I would say in its Neapolitan style. However the table was not prepared for quality. Dirty, sticky, the laminated letter being the placemat. What a shame about the detail!!!
07:21 23 Sep 23
Cute place, lovely staff & great pizza!This is the real deal!
Liam WrightLiam Wright
13:10 22 Sep 23
Katerina KostovaKaterina Kostova
08:56 22 Sep 23
What a great experience! Food was absolutely delicious, one of the best pizzas we have ever had! Portions were huge and very reasonably priced. Would most definitely recommend and visit again! Grazie mille!
James GrahamJames Graham
17:12 21 Sep 23
cian gracecian grace
15:34 19 Sep 23
Lovely pizza and coffee, does what it says on the tin.
John GodfreyJohn Godfrey
08:33 18 Sep 23
Very authentic pizza. Really enjoyed all 3 that I tried. Friendly atmosphere and very quick service. Being able to talk to the chef from outside through the window is definitely a novelty.
fred pashley-johnsonfred pashley-johnson
19:39 16 Sep 23
Alex WellsAlex Wells
19:14 16 Sep 23
Wendy HodgettsWendy Hodgetts
15:05 16 Sep 23
Brilliant food, very tasty and great service ????
The best pizzas in Nottingham
Antonio RizzattiAntonio Rizzatti
09:59 14 Sep 23
Ian PattendenIan Pattenden
14:18 13 Sep 23
Great pizza and tiramisu, exactly as the name suggests.
Phil ParkinsonPhil Parkinson
18:48 11 Sep 23
Best pizza in Notts. The pizzas are nice and big with enough sauce/ toppings and price is just about reasonable.
Ankita BhattacharyaAnkita Bhattacharya
19:20 10 Sep 23
Amazing!! One of the few places in Nottingham serving genuine Italian Pizza. Loved it.
Emily JamesEmily James
20:06 09 Sep 23
By far the best pizza in Nottingham, and a really cosy vibe. Make sure you get dessert too! Can't recommend it highly enough ❤️
Shishir PatelShishir Patel
08:34 09 Sep 23
Amazing place one must visit once if you’re in Nottingham. The Italian Pizza.Ms. Moja is very attentive and sweet
Adam WarrenAdam Warren
12:55 06 Sep 23
John BeaumontJohn Beaumont
07:49 02 Sep 23
Stefania VazsonyiStefania Vazsonyi
18:55 01 Sep 23
amazing atmosphere and cozy decoration, reminiscent of the streets of italy with laundry hung out to dry between houses. food is delicious and the staff is extremely energetic, friendly and attentive. felt like being over at a friend's house rather than a restaurant - in the best way. ????
Adam KiralyAdam Kiraly
18:47 01 Sep 23
Ann KelseyAnn Kelsey
08:50 31 Aug 23
Very friendly place. My friend, her 6month old and myself went for lunch. Helped my friend in and out of the restaurant with her pushchair. Pizzas came within 5 mins and were delicious. Reasonably priced. Would definitely visit again!
Alex MilesAlex Miles
09:42 27 Aug 23
Delicious and friendly
Harry SilvesterHarry Silvester
18:50 26 Aug 23
Eric WayEric Way
21:39 24 Aug 23
Daniel HallsDaniel Halls
17:42 24 Aug 23
Jack ParkJack Park
17:37 23 Aug 23
I’ll definitely Pizzamissyou! This Italian slice of heaven is a treat only comparable to the cobbled dusky dinner scene of Naples. I implore everyone in Nottingham to dine here! Bravissimo!
Rob SwiftRob Swift
09:22 23 Aug 23
Amazing place. Super-friendly staff, great pizzas and top-quality ingredients. They do get busy so you really need to book in advance to avoid disappointment.
Siobhian MooresSiobhian Moores
08:39 23 Aug 23
08:31 23 Aug 23
There is an infallible test to verify the high quality of the ingredients used for Pizzamisù pizza: taste margherita!The flavors of dough, tomato and mozzarella really shine! It was really to die for!This place makes you feel like family and the staff is very friendly!
Ewelina KoniecznaEwelina Konieczna
18:49 21 Aug 23
Delight! Very good choice of pizzas! Most of the classics, some weird combinations and some very Italian. Many pizzas with white base and even with pistachio or mortadela or truffle oil. Very good choice and a very good pizza! Also waitress super polite and friendly. Definitely recommend! Great place ????
10:23 21 Aug 23
Amazing pizza and service!This is an authentic pizza from Napoli, we had a margherita pizza, a patate e provola pizza and a pastiera for dessert and everything was delicious. The staff is super friendly too!
Shireen QuadriShireen Quadri
13:55 20 Aug 23
16:46 15 Aug 23
I'm still thinking about the pizza I had almost a week ago. It's taken me twenty years to find that authentic Italian taste I experienced in Italy...I'm very lucky to have Pizzamisu in Nottingham.
Ben FarnsworthBen Farnsworth
16:05 14 Aug 23
Simeng WangSimeng Wang
22:16 13 Aug 23
Their nduja pizza has always been my favourite. Their tiramisu is also absolutely the best in town. Had pistachio and new lemoncello flavour this time and both were delightful!
Thomas JenkinsThomas Jenkins
19:46 13 Aug 23
My previous pizza place of choice was Oscars and Rosies and sadly that shut down over Christmas. I had a few friends recommend this place and I can say is this is the best pizza place in Nottingham. Pizza was great quality, large and felt authentic.Will be coming back 100% again
Tijana DimitrijevicTijana Dimitrijevic
06:02 05 Aug 23
Delicious pizza, excellent atmosphere like you are in Italy. Service is fantastic. Good job ????????????????
Saffron MillsSaffron Mills
19:48 27 Jul 23
Great food, great atmosphere and great staff! easily the best pizza I’ve had since my travels to Napoli. Tiramisu is definitely a must if you visit here too!
Alexis PooAlexis Poo
23:52 23 Jul 23
Original pizzas all the way from Napoles, these are the best italian pizzas in Nottingham, for sure there is room for improvement when compared to London or Napoles itself. You will enjoy pizzas packed with flavour, with over 20 pizzas to choose from and with the option to add your own toppings.The pizzas are quite good good quality ingredients, there is room for improvement regarding the dough itself, a bit too thicc on the edges and a bit too slim in the middle, this provides inconsistency when cutting the pizza, the dough need to be slimmer on the edges as well so it cooks evenly to provide a cooked middle.Service is good. I got my dessert distinct to what i ordered, however they quickly provided me the right one. Biramissu - house invention quite good.Ambience submerges you into an italian kitchen, the first thing you come across are the stone ovens and the interiors are good, could improve into the music and theme a bit more so that it feels much like Italy.
K. LiK. Li
20:32 22 Jul 23
Simply amazing! Booked online which was easy, served quickly and the pizzas came 5mins later! I had tomato based pizza and my husband had a white pizza and they were both amazing. Mine was quite wet, definitely a knife and fork kind of pizza. We shared a homemade tiramisu which was also top notch. Price was good for the quality and service charge was added automatically. We are definitely going back to try everything on the menu!
Meng Li LeongMeng Li Leong
22:37 09 Jul 23
Great food and great service.Nice range of authentic pizzas including some lovely dessertsWorth a pop in or take out if they have no seating, service is usually quite quick and happy and helpful staff
Andrew DoddAndrew Dodd
20:47 08 Jul 23
Lovely little place here with a cool street vibe setting. Busy place so book ahead.So down to the pizza. Well it’s pure Neapolitan which means you can’t pick the slice up, so it’s a knife and fork job. The dough is good but the real winner here is the sauce. Legit tomatoey.The pizzas are pretty big so I’d share say one between two with a side ftw.
Denisa MihalovičováDenisa Mihalovičová
15:15 04 Jul 23
The slice of Naples in Nottinham is not an exaggeration. The pizza is absolutely fabulous, one of the best pizza napoletana I had, soft and fluffy.Tiramisu was a dream. Great atmosphere overall, fast service, definitely worth visiting.
Benjamin RandallBenjamin Randall
19:00 01 Jul 23
Second time ordering from Pizzamisú and it didn't disappoint! Everyone is super friendly, and the food is a must try.
08:20 13 Jun 23
I went to Pizzamisu twice. My first pizza was delicious, the last one not so much, as it was burnt underneath. Aperol spritz is the best I had so far in the UK.I appreciate they managed to find us a table without booking in advance. The place has an Italian atmosphere and the staff is Italian too, which makes it even more Italian. Very pleasant environment, with some Italian details, the only thing that is missing is the proper garden. The place is way too small. I am sure that it would be busy even if twice bigger. There is no car park available, however, you can easily find some nearby within walking distance from the place. Pizzamisu is located in the town centre, therefore can be very busy at times, so booking a table in advance is a great option.I am sure the place has toilets too, although I have never used them.I will surely come back despite the latest slightly burnt pizza.Highly recommended
Marjolaine LebrasseurMarjolaine Lebrasseur
08:44 11 Jun 23
Best Italian pizzas I’ve ever had! The dough is absolutely delicious, you won’t be leaving the crust behind! A good selection of pizzas and starters. The staff is lovely and super friendly. If you’re looking for a great pizza, this is definitely the place! The dough balls are also by far the best out there, they’re so flavourful and perfectly cooked that they don’t even need the sauce.
Roland GrasslRoland Grassl
19:57 21 May 23
Fantastic place, large variety of great neapolitan pizza and enthusiastic staff. Will take me a while to eat myself through the menu....
Amber DawsonAmber Dawson
18:49 11 Apr 23
Definitely book! Never been able to get a table here before now. Amazing pizzas. Really authentic Neapolitan style done well. Only thing that let it down was we had the table by the door in the entrance way so it felt very crowded and in the way. I’d recommend asking for a different one if you’re looking for a table for two.
chris goldthorpechris goldthorpe
19:26 27 Mar 23
Best pizza in Nottingham... proper Italian style pizza worth every penny will visit again. Staff engaging helpful polite and the food we ordered omg amazing. Defo visiting again - speaks volumes when it's the only restaurant on a Sunday night your struggling for a table when other restaurants are empty!
Naomi GayleNaomi Gayle
16:40 18 Feb 23
Wonderful find! What an amazing atmosphere, with food served quickly to our table. Pizza was fresh & exceptional. Would definitely go again.Top marks to the young man who served us too - very attentive & professional. Many thanks 🙂
Fola Awarun (Joses)Fola Awarun (Joses)
04:30 17 Nov 22
Let it not be heard or said that I visited Nottingham again and did not drop by at Pizzamisu. Amazing staff members. They charmed us with their beautiful smiles. And the pizza, oh my my! The taste was heavenly. Beautiful place I must add with all the decorations. Please stop by and have a good taste of real pizza????
Claudia BulaClaudia Bula
20:20 10 Nov 22
Delicious pizzas. Great little place in one of my favourite parts in Nottingham.
Lewis MorganLewis Morgan
20:28 09 Nov 22
Single best pizza I have ever had, and I have eaten a lot of pizza. Walking past the chef's cooking is a great introduction to the place, service was wonderful and we had our pizzas hot & fresh within about 10 minutes of ordering. It was amazing, incredible value for money too, and then we had a brilliant dessert after. Could not recommend more.
Cheri ChoiCheri Choi
22:10 16 Jun 22
First of all, remember to book a table in advance as it's a small and busy restaurant!They make real Italian pizza, where all are baked in clay oven in front of the restaurant. Definitely worth going if you would like to try the authentic pizza without going to Italy!Although authentic, I prefer pizza pi (just for my personal taste sorry).
J FoxcroftJ Foxcroft
11:12 04 Jun 22
One of the tastiest pizzas I've ever had. The staff were lovely too.Edit: Felt like I should have written a longer review as it was amazing pizza. So...I'd booked a table through Google for 2 of us, which was really easy. We were greeted by happy bunch of staff. Service was quick and so was the pizza! The pizza was incredible and a really good size (we eat quite alot and we were full!). We were happy to pay the £12ish. Well worth it.We will definitely be back!
Jamie WaltonJamie Walton
12:20 03 Jun 22
Probably the best pizza I've had in the UK, the dough base in particular is fantastic. It is 'knife and fork' Napoli style, too wet to pick up by hand, but that's how I like it. Will definitely be back!
laurance burnslaurance burns
10:27 10 May 22
Ate here on Saturday night and all I can say is wow! The most amazing pizza I have had in my entire life! All the staff were really friendly and the atmosphere fantastic if you are ever in Nottingham and crave good Italian food this is the place for you! I can’t wait to come back thanks for a lovely dining experience
18:53 21 Apr 22
Best pizza in Nottingham, hands down! It's always bustling and the staff are always willing to go the extra mile. No matter how busy it is, they're always happy to listen & provide friendly service - you feel like a family friend. We come back a little too frequently than we'd like to admit!!