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Pizzamisu.co.uk is a website for ordering pizzas, drinks desserts and more.


1. It is not necessary to register with us to order or pickup but we keep data for delivery, contact and marketing.

2. We use your data to print out the order for the preparation and in case for the delivery driver

3. We keep your data safe in Db.

4. We could share your data with third part for delivery.

5. you can cancel any time you order details from our db sending an email to tellus@pizamisu.co.uk. Sending an email requiring to cancel   from the email address used for the order.

6. We send email of confermation order.

7. We could contact you by phone/email for delivery or general information.

8. third part delivery could contact you for delivery instructions.


9. We refund the amount of the good in case out of stock or any evindet error on the order.

10. We DON’T refund in case of complaine regarding the pizza’s style (Neapolitan).



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Or call us and order in:

+381 065 666 6666

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